RH2INE Conference 2022 – Duisburg

The RH2INE Conference 2022 took place on Friday 30 September 2022 in Duisburg, Germany. This is a follow up of the yearly RH2INE LOI Partner meetings, with the partners that signed the RH2INE Letter of Interest. RH2INE was launched in 2020 in Arnhem at the Combined Dutch and North Rhine-Westphalia Energy Conference with14 public private partners, who started the RH2INE network. It was the first time since then that we met in person, after some online partner meetings.

The conference was aimed at network bonding and building, knowledge development, knowledge sharing, aligning work processes and projects, serving as a platform and giving energy and inspiration. The Conference brought concrete results, attendance, and most of all enthusiasm and was able to host likeminded potential partners, and facilitate the next steps in achieving a hydrogen ecosystem for inland shipping along the main transport corridors in the coming years.

In the workshops in the morning concrete ambitions and needs were formulated, from the perspective of the shipping companies, the ports, the suppliers and the regions. The outcome has been presented during the plenary session in the form of the RH2INE Statements 2022, see link below. Concrete project proposals like Condor, a project for inland shipping powered by hydrogen supported by the Province of Zuid Holland, were presented in the morning session.

The challenge will now be to follow up in a coordinated way and work towards the next milestones. We see attendees and RH2INE members take their responsibility and see the need to work together towards this new to be developed hydrogen ecosystem for inland shipping. The RH2INE network can play an important role in bringing together the necessary ingredients for scale up that are needed, for example on the issue of standardization.

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RH2INE Statements 2022

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RH2INE Deepdive presentations:

RH2INE Conference: Update SH2IPDRIVE

SH2IPDRIVE, Sustainable Hydrogen Integrated Propulsion Drives, Dirk de Jong, FPS

Argo-Anleg GmbH: Engineering & Construction

Intelligent Refueling Solutions, Georg Dura, ZBT

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